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hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Sun May 18 19:21:51 EDT 2003

I had a T-10 up at the previous qth. Loved it.

It maintained no less than a 17 dB f/b over it's entire 13-30 mhz range. I
took many measurements with a step attenuator and couldn't find anything
worse than 17 dB and above 20 was common.

I put a T-6 up at this one. Love it.

f/b isn't as good as the T-10, but still acceptable.

Ruggedly built. Priced fairly, light, low wind load, works as advertized,
and easy to assemble.

I haven't used a tri-bander in nearly 10 years as a result of the superb
performance of these Tennadyne Log Periodics. I have no illusions about
gain, nor do I care.

I have yet to find anyone that I want to work, that I don't get answers
from. I was at 72' with the T-10 and I'm at about 52' with the T-6. If I
call them, they answer, usually in the first call, sometimes 2nd or 3rd.
Very rarely do I have to "work at it". That shows the antenna is not
junk...it also shows that I call when propagation is favoring me and I
probably have a sense of good timing.

I also like not having to worry about the antenna during storms. It is such
a low profile and so well built that I no longer think about it. Won't tear
up rotors, bend masts, etc. It's gain is, of course, less than a monobander.
Its f/b is better than a monobander across a wide freq range. On a narrow
freq range the monobander is better...it just can't maintain its performance
across 20m without giving up a lot of its gain...plus that's just one band.

I wish the T-6 had 6m on it.

The guy running the company is very responsive.

They have held up very well in bad ice storms with high winds. Iowa can be a
nasty winter climate, not to mention severe T-Boomers in the spring and

To anyone but a worshipper of the holy grail of forward gain on HF, I would
highly recommend the Tennadyne LPs. On vhf and above, esp 2m and above,
yagis and dishes are the only way to go.

Hope this helps ya. 73

...hasan, N0AN

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> Tnx for all the replies on my Sommer antenna question......Most
> helpful.....
> Second choice, was Tennadyne LP Model T6 or T8.....
> Comments please.
> Agn, tnx es 73.
> Joe
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