[TowerTalk] J bolts for TX455

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> I think you are talking about the bolts that hold the tower at the tilt over
>  points.  Mine were originally black steel but the bolts and base stay put
>  when you move the tower.  I have moved the tower three times and have used
>  1" galvanized universal bolt available at large hardware stores (they may
>  have to order for you) or McMaster-Carr.  They are 36" long plus a 6 " 
>  angle bend (mine were L's not J's).  A foundry or perhaps a Northern Supply
>  outlet can put bends in the bolts for you.

    Actually the all-thread that is available at any hardware store is the 
same grade as the anchor bolts. 

    US Tower doesn't supply J-bolts anymore; what you get are the anchor 
bolts with a nut welded on the bottom end. That's all you need - do that or 
put two back-to-back or epoxy one on and you'll be all set. 

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