[TowerTalk] new Icom hf rig ?

Jon, W4ZW w4zw at comcast.net
Mon May 19 18:35:17 EDT 2003

ICOM had a demo set up under a glass case for the DX Dinner on Friday

As I remember the tech:

Uses 2 filters plus DSP.  Automatically switches and optimizes
selectivity based on mode and DSP/filters installed. As I recall it was

Claimed about 110db dynamic range.  Looked like two Xcvrs in one box
with a central color LCD/control center to me.  Resembled the IC-781 and
no price yet although I heard an estimate of $10Kilobucks.

I did take some pictures, but I'm sure it's up on their web site by now.

Jon Hamlet,  W4ZW
Casey Key Island, FL

"A little bit of Paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

*I hope the new Icom rig uses crystal filtering as well as DSP 
*filtering.  I 
*have not found a single DSP Only radio at any price that could 
*contest better 
*than an old crystal filter rig worth $500 to $1,000. 

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