[TowerTalk] Combining ant elevation pattern data with propagation predictionsto produce a contest bandplan

corneliuspaul at gmx.net corneliuspaul at gmx.net
Wed May 21 12:32:23 EDT 2003

Hi Jim,

>Is there an affordable program which will combine propagation 
>predictions and antenna characteristics and tell me, for any path of my 
>choice on any HF band, the likelihood of making Qs on that path? 
> Affordable?  $100    Not Affordable?  $500

while training the feminine side a bit, would certainly be a good 
investment somehow, too... :-)

... you might want to check out the excellent FREE SOFTWARE "4NEC2" at:

I think it has most of the ability to combine the calculations you want.
4NEC2 is a genuine NEC2 antenna simulation software.
It uses a subprogram called ItsHF for doing the propagation predictions.

I have not used this subprogram yet because have only recently
started working with 4NEC2 but the NEC side of the program is very fine..

73 Con DF4SA

CU in WPX CW (operating as CT3EE) 

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