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Thu May 22 18:15:13 EDT 2003

Yep, you're missing something.  You need to ask the agent to 
provide you with a "replacement cost" policy for your 
personal property.  Most home owners insurance policies will 
  apply depreciation to that 7 year old FT1000D and the rest 
of your ham equipment.  Replacement cost insurance will 
allow you to purchase the newest version of whatever 
equipment you have in case of a total loss.  You want to 
make sure that you tower/antenna structural additional 
coverage is also set at replacement cost. Things like the 
XYL's fur coat, grandma's silver and all the jewelry you've 
bought on those dxpeditions need to be specially 
scheduled/listed to receive any but the smallest payment.

Each of us should review our homeowners insurance policy to 
make sure that the house is covered by at least 80% of its 
value (less the value of he land/basement) so that the 
company will pay 100% of the cost of rebuilding.  If your 
coverage on the rebuilding of your home is less than 80% of 
its value, many companies will reduce their payment for the 

I'm not an insurance agent, just a retired lawyer with too 
much time on my hands. Maybe I should schedule a second 
Dayton seminar besides "Getting It Up & Keeping It Up".

73, Jim O'Connell, W9WU  ARRL Volunteer Counsel, Central Div.

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 >> Re: [TowerTalk] Grounding and Insurance WD4K
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 >>I called my insurance company today and was told that all 
my ham equipment
 >>including my antennas are covered as personal property, 
same as TV sets,
 >>VCRs, and other electronic equipment, against theft, 
lightning, windstorm,
 >>and all the other perils that personal property is 
covered for. The tower is
 >>covered as an additional structure. I specifically asked 
about special
 >>schedules and limits and was very clearly told (by the 
underwriter himself)
 >>there is no requirement for special schedules for 
electronic equipment, and
 >>no exclusion for communications equipment, amateur radio, 
etc. I also asked
 >>about grounding systems, and he said that, for insurance 
purposes, my ground
 >>system just has to comply with the electrical code. The 
limit on personal
 >>property is 75% of the overall dwelling coverage... far 
more than what I
 >>have here... which seems to cover just about everything. 
  It would appear
 >>that, at least here in PA, I wouldn't need any coverage 
other than my normal
 >>homeowner's policy. Or am I missing something here?
 >>Jerry K3BZ

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