[TowerTalk] Field day & grounding issues

Lee Buller k0wa at swbell.net
Sat May 24 06:10:49 EDT 2003

Wow, what an unfortunate thing to happen.  But, there have been many a time at Field Day here in Kansas that we delayed the start or shut down because of lightening in the area.  It is an awesome thing to see you 30 foot portable tower being hit.  You will never forget the huge concussion after the hit either.  Luckly, no one was injured, no radios fried....but the coax was a little worse for wear.  Lots of RG8 in the camp dumpster.

Lee - K0WA

Bgsalesmel at cs.com wrote:It might not be a "true ham radio" article - but, in view of the recent 
grounding thread I thought some might find this of interest. de Mel KD7DCR

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) - Lightning struck a house in northern Vietnam, injuring 
51 people who were inside watching a popular television show, an official said 

The victims, mostly students aged 8 to 17, were taken to local hospitals in 
Lang Son province following Thursday's incident.

Four adults suffered burns, while 10 children were treated for dizziness and 
headaches, said Hoang Van Thinh of the People's Committee of Binh Trung 
village, 105 miles northeast of Hanoi.

The other 37 victims were treated and released. None of the victims' 
conditions was life-threatening, Thinh said.

The village is not wired for electricity, but one house is powered by a 
0.5-kilowatt power generator run by stream water. The lightning struck the 
generator and sent a current through the 14-inch television set that everyone was 
gathered around, Thinh said. 


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