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Jim Miller JimMiller at STL-OnLine.Net
Mon May 26 10:46:01 EDT 2003

I have a 54' (3x20') Tristao currently on the ground in the country waiting
to go up(someday).  When I took it down all feet stood squarely on the pad,
no bends.  I don't know if they are all the same - mine is a tilt over with
the pivot point about 8' up the first section and is much heavier than
towers I see in the adds today.  Motorized for extending and boat type winch
for tilt over.  very light on tilt over because of balance point even with
long mast and big antennas.

73, de Jim KG0KP

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>   I recently was donated an older 70+ crankup tower that had come crashing
> down when being raised due to a cable braking.
> I'm guessing its a Tristao tower. The base appears to look like a US tower
> "T" shape but heavier duty. The third leg
> doesn't sit flat on the ground and I'm wondering if the crashing down
> section had bent it or if they are manufactured that way.
> Also does US Tower still carry parts for its older product line???  Ken
> W6KF
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