[TowerTalk] Grounding and Insurance WD4K

Billy Cox aa4nu at ix.netcom.com
Tue May 27 02:05:46 EDT 2003

>I totally agree with Billy and his methods using Polyphaser. The only 
>drawback is cost. (I understand pay me now or pay me later:) 

Yes ... It certainly was not cheap, but it was not that expensive. And
the actions I took helped to drop the 4x insurance rate that I would
have had to pay for the next 3 years. When I factored that into the
situation ... it became easier to make the choice to do it, and do
it right this time. Total for the entire system was still less than $4K
or so, and I didn't cut any corners here. I decided to err on the side
of too much protection rather than wishing I'd saved a buck or three.

<$4k may sound LARGE, but after years of paying the deductibles,
or not filing and just replacing the gear out of my pocket, it was not.>

Tommy made a good point ... be sure to LOOK/SEE/READ as to
what your insurance coverage really would settle. Full replacement
value? Labor to remove and replace antennas? Who makes the call
as to saying your equipment is really TOAST and should not be
repaired? ... Now is the time to check and be sure on all of that ...

73 Billy AA4NU

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