[TowerTalk] feedline question

Courtney Judd k4wi at earthlink.net
Thu May 29 08:25:47 EDT 2003

Thanks to all who responded to my question and I will forward all to the new
owner for him to think about. The feedline has new seals at the top and
bottom but is pretty old. It simply won't hold any static pressure so I have
been keeping about 2# of N and can get about a week out of a tank. I
originally looked after this site years ago but after no pay I quit going
out there. Eventually the final tube melted from excessive heat build up in
the building and then sat in-active while in a bankruptcy court. It was a
government minority grant and totally mismanaged... For most of the 3 years
there were no lights on the tower at all. New guy bought it and after a
pretty shaky start up it is now running pretty stable... And I am getting
paid!!! It's running about 18.5 KW out at 100% and SWR is staying at 1:1 .
Thanks again everyone! 73's Cort

Courtney Judd K4WI / NA4W
2300 County Road 61
Uniontown, Alabama 36786

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