[TowerTalk] Concrete "Slump"

Dino Darling k6rix at arrl.net
Thu May 29 12:23:39 EDT 2003

After re-reading my post, I need to clarify something.  The mold is clamped 
to a board and filled from the top...oops!

>The slump number is the amount of "drop" the concrete makes out of a 12" 
>mold.  They use a 12" cone (mold) and fill it from the bottom.  Then they 
>invert the cone (pointy end up) and lift this cone off the concrete (ever 
>make sand castles?).  The "cone of concrete" will drop from the original 
>12" to...say...7" (measured from the ground up).  12 - 7 = 5  Now you have 
>a 5" slump!  How is that for the technical explanation?  :-)  Go with the 
>5" slump.  Too much water is not good!  It won't "hurt" the concrete, but 
>man will it take forever to cure (concrete cures and does not dry!).

Dino...k6rix at arrl.net 

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