[TowerTalk] Concrete "Slump"

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Is anyone aware of tower failure due to inadequate concrete strength?   I've
always ordered the standard 5 bag mix.


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> The cost of 3500 pound or even 4000 Pound mix is not significant in the
>  large scheme (guessing $1 / yd). The pour is a relatively small and the
>  price will be proportionately small. We pour 4000 pound concrete almost
>  exclusively. YES it is overkill! However, the tradeoff is in workability.
>  Stronger concrete has more of the expensive stuff.. the glue.. the
>  Cement and that is what makes the mixure "creamy" and easy to work. Too
>  water can "appear" to give these properties but good concrete is good
>  concrete. Add water and increase slump (good description below). but good
>  concrete (4000 pound mix) will have a good slump (lower number) because
>  has more GLUE.

    Another reason for using 4000# mix is that it'll cure to the specified
3000# fairly quickly - in a couple of days. This means you can load the base
much earlier than waiting for the 3000# mix to cure to 3000#.

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