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I did this also a while ago.
There is no way you can do this without taking the tower apart.
It MUST be down, horizontal, and you have to remove the top section to
replace the lower cable connection.

But...can save you some money.

I called them, they asked for a printed description.
I faxed them a drawing.
They made them and shipped them quickly.
They put the swaged ends on one end for me so I could get the other through
the sheaves easily.

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> Greetings All,
> I just joined this reflector in search of information on an old Wilson
> MT-61A tubular tower. I have this model installed, however, I need to
> replace the two cables used for telescoping the sections. I know this is a
> stretch, but does anyone have any information on this tower, I can get
> replacement cables from US Tower but they need to know the length of the
> current cables, which means I have to take the tower down and take the
> sections apart first. I would rather have the cables ready to go to
> down time. Anyone know the length of these cables? There must be a source
> for this type cable other than US Tower? Help !!
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