[TowerTalk] OR-2800 pigtail ..safety wire kit?

Bill NY9H ny9h at arrl.net
Sat May 31 12:04:04 EDT 2003

what is a safety wire kit???
I cut out that 8 conductor connector two years ago , after it filled with 
water; and the corsstalk of the motor pulses confused the controller...
i must have re-setup that thing 20 times till i figured it out...
put a scope on the sense line.


At 10:29 AM 5/31/03, KJ6Y at aol.com wrote:

>The new Orion Rotors do not have a connector on the end of the pigtail.  They
>now come with a weather proof electrical box with a terminal strip inside.
>I would also recommend when you order this rotor to order the safety wire
>kit.  Eliminates the bolts coming loose.
>If you already have this rotor, cut off the connector, install your own
>weather proof box and termonal strip, and order the safety wire kit.
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