[TowerTalk] OR-2800 pigtail connector

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Sat May 31 19:47:48 EDT 2003

In a message dated 5/31/03 7:29:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
mcduffie at actcom.net writes:

> > A butt connector is a double female solderless crimp connector where you 
>  > poke a wire in each end, crimp, splicing the wire together.
>  That's what I thought they were talking about.  I don't see a need
>  for them.  You're just doubling the number of mechanical connections
>  by adding them in series with the other connector. Or was the
>  reference to using them alone, with no other connector?  Too much
>  room for cross wiring mistakes that way.
    This is useful for splicing control cables, eliminating connectors, etc. 
Or use wire nuts. It's a lot easier than trying to re-connectorize a cable at 
the top of the tower.

Steve     K7LXC

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