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RICHARD BOYD ke3q at msn.com
Sat Aug 7 14:47:36 EDT 2004

I agree with the other commenter.  I had talks with Nextel some years back 
about installing a Rohn 80 on one of my properties, as a cellular site.  And 
K3ZO has one up, in a suburban backyard -- with 3-el 80M KLM, 6-el 20M 
Telrex and 8-el 15M Telrex on it -- 150' tall I think his is.

The Rohn 80 is or was available in face widths of between 40" and 44" with, 
as the other commenter said, with I suppose other variables as well, as the 
other commenter has said.  Suffice to say, they're all very husky by ham 
standards.  The huskiness in excess of what virtually any hams need (or, 
more accurately, "want"), and the 20' sections which are hard for hams to 
handle except with a crane (versus 10' sections for the popular ham towers), 
are major limitations on the demand within the ham community.  The number of 
hams who are serious about putting up something this substantial is very 
small I think.

Nevertheless, I would think it would be worth $200 per 10'.  And I say it 
that way, even though it comes in 20' sections, for easy comparison to the 
more popular ham towers, which are all in 10' sections.

I agree, though, that even at a lower price, like $120 per 10' -- or was 
that per section? -- you won't "move" it until "the right buyer" comes 
along.  But that is probably true of any used tower in the $200 per 10' 
category too.

Still, with Rohn 25 going used for as much as $50 per 10' (I personally 
think this is kind of high vs. new, even at the new, higher, prices), Rohn 
45 going used for as much as $150 (I guess -- I haven't bought or sold any 
used for quite a while -- it used to be, anyway, $25 for Rohn 25 and $100 
for Rohn 45, partly depending on condition of course, etc.) -- and "regular" 
AB-105 going for $150/10' and "heavy duty" AB-105 going for $200/10' or 
more), I see $200 for 10' of Rohn 80 as very reasonable.  It's stronger than 
Rohn 55 or Rohn 65, which of course, cost considerably more than Rohn 45.

A potential drawback with towers with this much girth is that sidemounted 
antennas may not work as well as with a smaller face tower, e.g. K3ZO's 
problem with the side-mounted 15M yagi -- before he moved it up to the top. 
W3LPL has commented, partly on that instance, that 24" face width, like 
AB-105 is a good choice for hams, including for the sidemounting issue.  I'd 
be interested in others' experience with 40-44" face width towers, how well 
sidemounted yagis for the ham bands worked.

My own opinion is that 20' section towers (I have a bunch of it and, though 
I'm a world champion procrastinator, do plan to put it up) shouldn't scare 
hams off as much as they probably do, because in many instances the cost of 
bringing in a crane to put it up really fast is less and more convenient 
than putting up something husky with gin pole and sweat.  But, many QTHs do 
have crane access problems.  "Note to self:  When you shop for a new QTH, 
find one with good crane access."  (I did.)

73 - Rich, KE3Q

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I have a few questions regarding Rohn 80 that I hope someone can help me 
with.  Was all Rohn 80 created equal?  Were the cross bar supports always 
"bolt on" or was there a version that came with the cross supports welded? 
Anyone have a suggestion on what fair market value would be for a 10' 
section?  A 20' section?  The sections would be from a used tower and in 
good condition.


Mike W4PT

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