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Keith Dutson kjdutson at earthlink.net
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I would not do it for two reasons.

1. Modeling this antenna to avoid f/b problems on 40 is quite complex.

2. The boom is likely not up to the task of additional wind loading.

I would add another boom below the 40.  Design your own dual bander or get a
good multi-monobander like the F12 5BA or XR-5 that covers both 20 and 17.
I think you will need at least 10 feet separation between the two booms for
optimum performance.


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Is it possible to add 20m or 17m fullsize elements and interlace them on the
same boom as the  Cushcraft XM240 40meter yagi.( ie. 2 on 40 , 2 on 20 and 2
on 17)  Would this yeald major interaction problems creating/modeling  this
tribander ?

thanks    Gary  VA7YO

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