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Of course, stranded wire can't work!   Whoever quoted
me wasn't  listening carefully, has a fading memory or both...

The proper message is:

Many professional antenna installers use #14 THHN solid
copper electrical wire wire to hang vertical runs of small
diameter cables (LDF4-50A and smaller) to towers.
Hanger spacing should not exceed three feet.

11/32 inch cable ties also make excellent cable hangers for
small diameter cables, but must be protected from UV with
a few wraps of Scotch 88.  Yes, Virginia, even the so called
UV protected cable ties require additional UV protection.

An excellent low cost source for cable ties (and other
towertalk related tools and hardware) is:


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> On Jul 28, 2004, at 10:14 PM, Pete Smith wrote:
> > W3LPL, who has done a lot of this, recommends twists of black #14 THHN
> > stranded house wire.
> How does stranded wire work? Seems solid wire is a better choice.
> Stranded wire won't take twists well, and would tend to unwind.
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