[TowerTalk] Aligning rotators (was: Thrust Bearing)

Bill Coleman aa4lr at arrl.net
Sun Aug 15 08:55:22 EDT 2004

On Jul 22, 2004, at 3:46 PM, Chuck Lewis wrote:

> Only if everything were exactly collinear, balanced and plumb, with no 
> wind,
> would the mast not touch any of the bolts. That's the whole point, and 
> the
> issue to which my post responded: elimination of potential binding from
> misalignment.

Is it really so hard to get the thrust bearing in alignment with the 

When I put up my tower with a pointy top, I did some ground work to 
achieve alignment. I temporarily mounted the top section at ground 
level. Then I placed the mast in the top section, then the rotator the 
end of the mast, then the attached the rotator shelf to the rotator, 
then the shelf to the tower.

In this way, the shelf is aligned at the right angle so the rotator 
axis is the same as the collar.

Result - no binding.

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