[TowerTalk] More Phillystran Hardware Questions

Ron Hylton ad7l at hevanet.com
Fri Aug 20 03:18:58 EDT 2004

Thanks to all who responded to my prior post about transitioning from 1/4
EHS to Phillystran.  The most popular response was to use a 502 insulator,
but folks also used a shackle or simply interlocked the thimbles.

My next question is this:  Looking at the Phillystran Technical Bulletin
105-4/96, it shows the use of 2 shackles when going from the "tower plate"
to the thimble for the Phillystran.  The drawing shows the bolt portion of
the shackle going through the tower plate (like a torque arm or the top of a
flat-top 45G section) and the bolt portion of the other shackle going
through the thimble.  Thus the "U" shapes of both shackles are interlocked.
Why is this so?  Wouldn't one shackle be sufficient?


Ron  AD7L
Hillsboro, Oregon

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