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Sun Aug 29 22:36:05 EDT 2004

It sure would have been nice if people would post their solutions.  It gives
us a chance to learn and also informs everyone that the problem has been


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I'm sure Bernard WA4OEJ won't mind that I share with you on TT the final
outcome and solution of the
"Real Problem for Antenna Experts" thread that recently transpired on the
SteppIR reflector and
here. I know there are a lot of you that are interested.

73,  Jerry K3BZ

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>     Jerry:
>         No, don't shut up!!!!
>         The people at SteppIR, Fluid Motion, especially Jim were
absolutely wonderful.  Their
customer service is absolutely #1.
>         This antenna does work!  No one should let my experience effect
them in a negative
>         The help on this board and the TowerTalk board was GREAT!!!
>         Now, to go put the tower back up.
>             73,
>             Bernard, WA4OEJ
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>   Really interesting.... and it turns out NOTHING AT ALL WRONG WITH THE
>   is for the benefit of anyone who may have been watching this thread and
perhaps thinking that
>   SteppIR was just too good to be true, something was bound to happen
>   In retrospect, maybe one of the most important clues was when the DE was
replaced without seeing
>   difference?
>   Oh, and kudos to the folks at Fluidmotion who sent the replacement parts
and helped to work on
>   problem.... just one more great example of the kind of people we're
dealing with out there!!
>   Finally, many, many kudos to the TEAM here on the reflector that Bernie
calls "really SHARP"...
>   flames, no hassles, just step-by-step failure analysis to help a fellow
ham, in the very best
>   traditions of amateur radio. I bet I'm not the only one who is proud of
the way this was
>   and proud of those that contributed. OK, I'll shut up about it now...
but this was truly an
>   for others to follow.
>   73,  Jerry K3BZ
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>   Subject: Re: [SteppIR] Real Problem for Antenna Experts
>   >         I tell you, you guys are really SHARP!!!!!!!
>   >
>   >         Hooked up my FT-1000 to the Daiwa to the SteppIR.  The SteppIR
>   >
>   >         It turns out that the Orion was locked on a transmit frequency
on 40 M.  No wonder I
>   able to measure a reasonable SWR with my 80/ 40 Inverted V and the GAP
Challenger and the 50 ohm
>   dummy load.  Hate to say it but shame on me, it looks like it was mostly
operator error with a
>   radio.
>   >
>   >         Now to put up the tower and work some DX.
>   >
>   >         The only positive aspect of this situation is that I now know
a whole lot about the
>   SteppIR operation.
>   >
>   >         Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!
>   >
>   >                 73,
>   >
>   >
>   >                 Bernard, WA4OEJ


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