[TowerTalk] Re: TIC Ring QRN

David J Rodman MD rodman at buffalo.edu
Thu Dec 2 07:33:36 EST 2004

Steve, have you physically inspected the ring for damage?   I have eight 
rings and I have seen lots of problems over the years.  Last year the 
cradle of one antenna broke and the antenna almost twisted off the 
tower, taking down the whole system.  In that case the "C" shaped steel 
which holds the antenna to the ring fractured between the first bolt 
hole and the center of the cradle.  That was unimaginable to me.  In 
your case, if this is truly rectification you need to go over the ring 
with great patience and a very cautious inspection.  I have also heard 
of the potentiometer associated with RF problems.  How can you be sure 
the antenna is not the problem with a loose fitting or connection?  I 
found the balun to my tribander on the tower yesterday loose and this 
required tightening.  That connection was only a year old.  If the 
antenna is not at the apex, have you tried to lift the antenna off the 
ring, transmit and check the system.  Is this clearly only happening 
with weather related changes or continuously?  Good luck.

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