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Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at comcast.net
Wed Dec 29 10:53:09 EST 2004

In response to the thread about towers being covered....

The "standard"  HO-3 form policy covers accessory structures.
These are typically thought to be garages and sheds, but 
include any accessory structure which required a building permit.
Thus, 'attachment' is not required.  

It has been reported (QST, among others) that some firms are
specifically EXCLUDING antennas and towers.  

It is true that insurance is regulated at the state level, and
state-to-state differences are to be expected.   However, the
HO3 form was common to NJ, VT and MD, where I've lived, and most
agents and firms nationwide will acknowledge it, and quote it.

This is contract law, however, and you MUST read the fine print,
to know whether you're ok or not.


1)  You may find your insurance less expensive, if the ARRL policy
covers the antennas, and you can exclude them from your homeowners.

2)  You MUST be careful what you claim.  I have a client in VA, who had 
two successive claims for hail damage two years ago.  Travellers paid,
then cancelled his insurance.  

jimjarvis at ieee.org 

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