[TowerTalk] insurance claims

Craig Clark jcclark at worldpath.net
Wed Dec 29 12:20:02 EST 2004

FWIW, here's what I learned after filing a claim.

I'm with Maine Mutual as they were the company that would take us with the 
farm and our farming activities (as an aside, my 20 year homeowners 
company, USAA, would not renew us as they didn't want the farmstand exposure.)

I lost a tower from a wind gust in October 2003. I had a rigger give me a 
replacement estimate and submitted it to the company in 2004. We negotiated 
a settlement that both of us happy. I received enough to build a new tower 
and populate it with the antennas I wanted.

Early in 2004, my son had his 4 wheeler stolen. I called the company rep 
and was warned that filing two claims in a three year period could be a 
problem. So, being the eternal optimist I asked why? I was given a myriad 
of reasons none of which had a thing to do with my claim or relationship 
with the company.

The same thing happened after my auto accident. After a SPOTLESS driving 
record for 25 years, while my claims were paid, my rates soared and I have 
been in insurance purgatory for the last three years....no safe driver 
discounts for me.

Since I'm on a roll, I found the same problem with health insurance. Some 
companies are glad to take your premiums until you get sick. Then they'll 
drop you at the first chance they have.

The bottom line is this has caused me to rethink all of my insurance from 
homeowners, auto to health. In a nutshell, I look at my policies as 
"disaster plans" as opposed to a source to tap when I have a loss.

There, I feel a lot better after venting.

Happy New Year to all!

73, Craig Clark, K1QX

PO  BOX 209
603 899 6957

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