[TowerTalk] URI magic antennas

Dave Bernstein aa6yq at ambersoft.com
Tue Jun 8 12:07:19 EDT 2004

I accused no one of anything. I simply asked Tom whether he believed
that there will be no new antenna designs from here on. 

And for the record, the phrase "new antenna designs" was meant to
exclude "improved implementations of existing antenna designs", a la


       Dave, AA6YQ

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Its interesting to watch the posturing of folks when a claim like this
comes along. When some people express skepticism, others chime in and
accuse them of being "close-minded". This is wrongheaded. I am extremely
skeptical of this guy's claims, but I am not close-minded about it. If
he comes along with verifiable evidence supporting  his claim (e.g.
other people can reproduce his results), then I will be happy to accept
it as fact. To be close-minded would be to deny the validity of his
claim not matter how much good evidence was produced to support it (e.g.
"I don't care what you say, the earth is flat"). At this point, however,
there is no evidence to support this man's rather extraordinary claim,
so until that changes I am filiing it in the same category as those
pills that are supposed to make your tower grow taller :)

73 de Mike, W4EF..............................

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> I agree that the track record for recently announced amazing new 
> antenna inventions has been poor, but are you really asserting that 
> there will be no new antenna designs from here on?
>      73,
>          Dave, AA6YQ

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