[TowerTalk] Rotators again

Tower (K8RI) tower at rogerhalstead.com
Sun Jun 13 23:48:06 EDT 2004

> The AlfaSpid  has no physical preference for which way is North, so there
> no need to decide where "true north"  lies at the time of installation, or
> be concerned about any slippage.  And if you run the coax down thru the
> center of the rotor, you won't have to worry about the coax loop running
> of slack either.

Every wind a garden hose lengthwise<:-))  It takes a fairly long piece to
get the equivelant of a rotor loop.  I'm reminded of this every time I put
the pressure washer away.

Roger Halstead (K8RI, EN73 & ARRL Life Member)
N833R, World's Oldest Debonair (S# CD-2)

> 73 Don

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