[TowerTalk] what happened to the $15.50 book

Craig Clark jcclark at prexar.com
Mon Mar 1 23:30:21 EST 2004

Ron and others,

I'd like to set the record straight as there has been a lot of BAD 
information bandied about here about the W6AM book.

The book was written by Jan Perkins and published by Vestal Press in Vestal 
New York. We carried the book at Ham Radio Magazine's Bookstore for a 
number of years and sold quite a few copies at a retail price of $29.95. 
HRO Anaheim and a number of other retailers also carried the book. 
Additionally, Wallace and Wallace  bought a large number of books as part 
of the publishing deal. However, every book has a life cycle and sales 
eventually slowed.

Several years later, Bob Wilson, WA1TKH, the technical consultant at HR who 
was a good friend of the folks at Vestal asked if I would help them close 
out the remaining copies of the book at an upcoming Dayton. They made me an 
offer I couldn't refuse (gasp...I made money) and remaindered them at 
Dayton and in the catalog for $15.95. Davis RF put them in their 
catalog/web page and moved a few too at a price of $15.50.

As far as I was concerned, when we ran out of the remainder stock, that was 
it, no mas. Sales were not robust enough to continue to carry the 
inventory. The reference in the Davis web site is being deleted and that 
will hopefully end my involvement.

  BUT Wallace and Wallace still has books and has every right to ask the 
original price of $29.95 as does HRO and anyone else selling the book.

So no one is getting screwed. My deal was a special one-time-only offer 
from the publisher.

I hope my explanation puts this issue to bed once and for all. If I was 
rude to anyone, I apologize.

73, Craig Clark, K1QX

PO  BOX 209
603 899 6957

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