[TowerTalk] 160m. Inverted L noise

corneliuspaul at gmx.net corneliuspaul at gmx.net
Tue Mar 2 10:49:42 EST 2004

Hi Jose,

I guess your "flexible wire" is a multistranded wire ('"litz wire")..?

AFAIK multistranded wire can develop the following problem:
the individual tiny little wires oxidize on the surface and this oxide film
acts as little diodes in between the individual wires, which
generates the noise when those little wires rub against each other.

might be what is causing the noise on your inv L.

of course there is no problem on TXing.

I suggest you try putting up the solid wire again and see if the
problem goes away... :-(


At 12:36 01.03.2004, op155342c at mail.telepac.pt wrote:
>Just replaced my 160m. Inverted L old 2.5 mm wire with a 6mm flexible wire
>(total length 38.9 meters, Vertical component 14.5 meters)and spite the 
>seems to be transmitting ok with SWR below 1:1.8 from 1810 to 1870 I started
>having a S7 noise (that I wipe out using the radio's NB filter), this noise
>wasn't definitelly there with the old 2.5mm wire.
>The noise resembles a motobyke noise when working at low RPM and I can't 
>out why Iam catching it now just after I replaced the antenna conductor.
>If some of you got a previous experience with this type of antenna any help to
>help get rider of this noise would be mostly apreciated.
>73   Jose  CT1EEB
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