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  Could'nt that be a bicycle helmet Jim.
  Yes there are holes in it for cooling.
  Have a look at some fotographs from Lens Armstrong.
  Not those from the tour de france. Wearing a helmet in the tour is not a


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  > I have for years felt vaguely guilty working on a tower without a hard
  > but the standard construction type are just too clumsy -- the suspension
  > harness inside makes them wobble around on my head, and I'm forever
  > the front brim on the tower or antenna I'm working on, plus it restricts
  > upward vision.
  > There *must* be something better -- recently I saw some "pro" tower guys
  > working in what looked vaguely like the "almost no helmets" that some
  > Harley guys like.  Someone referred to them as hockey helmets, but they
  > looked more stripped down than that, with a pattern of holes over their
  > surface (perhaps for cooling?)
  > Any leads?
  > 73, Pete N4ZR
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