[TowerTalk] Hy gain DIS-71 Rotatable Dipole

Van Fair vfair at innova.net
Tue Mar 2 19:29:54 EST 2004

Any one have any experience good or bad with this single element antenna the DIS -71 from Hygain? Looks like it has a lot of bolted electrical joints in the loading system which could cause problems.  I am looking to install it above a 4 element SteppIr.  Any experience with it causing problems on 15 meters by interacting with the Steppir?  Comments on how interaction would be more or less for a linear loaded rotatable dipole vs a 2 element beam such as the Cushcraft 40 meter beam with spacing of 6 to 8  feet?? How about if it was mounted parallel to the Steppir boom, 6 feet up.?? Thanks for your info Van W4GIW

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