[TowerTalk] I-beams used as guy-wire anchors!

Conrad Nasatka conco at paonline.com
Tue Mar 2 22:10:38 EST 2004

I have been on this reflector for several months.
Aside from the occasional sidetrack, it is pretty darn knowledgeable.  Having said that...I was wondering if anyone has had experience with using I-beams to anchor their guy-wires?  I have a Rohn 25 G up 60 feet.  It has the two, called for guy positions, one at 28 feet and the other at 55 feet.  Would a 10 foot , W-6 X12 X10 foot handle the load?  I would cement it in the ground 3 or 4 feet. The company says that this I - beam would weigh 120 pounds. Twelve pounds per 1 foot of I-beam.  I have never dealt with this before as I usually run my guy-wires to the ground.  This is an unusual situation because I have been graciously  permitted by a neighbor to place two on his property.  An attempt at using 10 foot schedule 80 galvanized water pipe got me no where, I now seek help using the I-beams so I can get  6  or 7 feet above ground to allow grass mowing.  I'd appreciate your considerations.


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