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Robert Shohet kq2m at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 3 11:39:45 EST 2004

Think geometry, think triangles....

For space restricted installations, with or without antennas on sidemounts
or ring rotators,
if you ELEVATE the guy points above ground, you DECREASE the angle of the
hypotenuse of the triangle formed between the tower/ground and the guy wire
between the elevated guy point and the tower.

What does this mean?

It means that you can either rotate a LONGER BOOM antenna than before at the
same tower height and STILL clear the guy wires, OR, you can put the same
antenna HIGHER on the tower and still clear the guy wires.

In my case, at my qth, this would be a SIGNIFICANT advantage as my towers
are very space challenged and my guy wires are shorter than I would have
liked to have them for sidemount purposes. (they are still within Rohn specs

At other qth's with lots of open space, this is not a serious consideration.

However, the IBeam installation method, if done right, is far sturdier and
much more flexible than using standard earth anchors in the ground with lots
of concrete.

It is probably also cheaper depending on the sources of your materials and
the level of your skills in basic construction.

Bob KQ2M

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> Okay, I looked over the digest Dan. I can't think of a reason to spend all
> that time, effort & money to get guy anchor points above ground. What
> that decision?

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