[TowerTalk] I-beams used as elevated guy-wire anchors!

Dan Bookwalter n8dcj at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 3 10:30:16 EST 2004


what size/type tower is this on ??


--- SGTOKIE at aol.com wrote:
> I think I beams may be a better choice than
> pipe....I have seen I beams on a 
> 300 ft commercial tower and it was a nice
> install....i used 6" pipe 14' long 
> for my elevated guy posts.  i had the holes dug
> 18"x4' with an auger, at the 
> bottom i welded 6 scrap plates that were 6"x12"x1/2"
> (3 at bottom 120 deg and 3 
> above opposite 120deg) for the top i used the same
> size of scrap and cut 3 
> holes for clevis pins......i used 6 bags of
> quickcrete and about 6-5gal buckets 
> of broken bricks as coarse aggragate......they are
> pretty solid and i may even 
> fill them up with concrete this
> summer..............in reflection, the i beam 
> would be easier because of the elemination of
> welding the spreaders to the 
> bottom and you can cut attachment holes (after you
> cut and dress a portion of the 
> I beam).  it will make a good install......i will
> try to remember to take a 
> camera with me when i go to okc and get some pics of
> the elevated I beam guy 
> posts...73 de kd5qwo, david howard
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