[TowerTalk] Help peplacing tower cable Long Island

Fjx1 at aol.com Fjx1 at aol.com
Thu Mar 4 16:27:19 EST 2004

I have a US Tower MA40 with tilt over base (actually it's 25 years old and 
was made by Wilson but I think they are the same). The cable that raises it 
broke. To replace it, I have to tilt the tower and pull it out of the boot that 
holds it. I'm no longer capable of that kind of work. Can anyone guide me to 
some I could pay in the Long Island area to tilt it, pull it out and replace the 
cable. I'll replace winch too. I know of Woody K2UU but he's not working now. 
And KC1XX is so far away it would cost a fortune.


Gerry K1NY

fjx1 at aol.com

Please anyone know of a tower(or just very handy/strong) person who can do 

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