[TowerTalk] 40/80M wire antenna

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Sat Mar 6 03:06:17 EST 2004

At 08:48 PM 3/5/04 -0500, Larry Stowell wrote:

>Try Radioware & Radio Bookstore  http://www.radio-ware.com/
>They have the Reyco Traps its under Antenna Parts "multiband dipole antenna

For years, I had an inverted vee for 40m that had what I remember as "W9INN 
coils" on the ends.  Close-wound on 10 inches or so of ~1" OD PVC, they 
provided a significant lump of inductance.  Pigtails about 4 feet long 
outside the coils resonated the antenna to frequency on 80m, while the 40m 
resonance was only slightly changed.  Since the antenna was about half size 
on 80, the 2:1 SWR bandwidth was only about 75 KHz, but it worked OK on 80 
and FB on 40.

I bought the coils commercially, but that was ~30 years ago -- they would 
be easy enough to homebrew.

73, Pete N4ZR
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