[TowerTalk] questions about antenna stuff

Gregg Seidl k9kl at direcway.com
Tue Mar 9 10:10:57 EST 2004

I have a few questions which I'm sure someone on here has come across.Can
you shunt-feed a tower with preamps on the tower.I have a 70 foot tower with
4*2M-5WL's 2m beams on it,should give lots of top loading even though the
elements are insulated from the boom.however I have a SSB preamp at the
feedpoint (power divider).Do you think that it a blow if I used the tower
shunt-fed????How do Stack Matches work ie do you have 2 cables going to the
antennas or is swiching device tower mounted.You can blame this on NCJ,I saw
the article on the 6m stack and that got me a thinking.Can you use different
size antennas,wouldn't see why not.I have a large 6m beam(9 elements on a 50
foot boom 6M-9KHW) and a smaller one can thet be Stack-Matched??If you live
in Green Bay,WI and you wanted to install a 6m beam on a side mount which
way do you think would be best.My tower's triangle faces north,the single
"nose" points north and the flat is south.Do you need to use phillystrand on
the guys.How close can a vertical wire for the low bands be to a tower
before it is too close:5 feet or 10 feet.Want to mount a 75/80 vertical next
to one of my towers and just wondering how far I should space them away.If I
was going to mpunt an A-3S tribander on a tower and point it toward Europe
from Wisconsin what would be a good height to get the right angle into the
target of Europe.I know that any height would be a compromise for the other
bands but I think at this point in the sunspot cycle we need to try for 20
meters as best and the others as the compromise.Do you know who makes a good
6 meter filter.We have channel 2 here but we are in a great signal coverage
area, so we are not trying to get a pip-sqeak sig from channel 2.I would
like one for the tv antenna and one after my amp.Can you make a coax-stub
for 6 that is tight enough to use.That way I could make it and save the
money for more radail wire for my verticals hi hi hi Thanks for reading all
the way down to here.and hope I can get some ideas   Gregg K9KL

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