[TowerTalk] best boots or shoes to wear in towers.

Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Thu Mar 11 08:38:33 EST 2004

> i will like to hear from the experts what is the best shoe, boot
> or boot model , brand ,  to use for long time in tower work.
> tnx
> _______________________________________________

I am no expert, Hector, but my feet know what they like:

I have a pair of workboots my employer bought for me years ago.  They are
made by IronAge.  The shoes have steel toes and  steel sole inserts behind
the ball of the foot--so the toe flexes.

I also have a pair of hiking boots with Vibram soles that work well and keep
my feet from feeling the rungs.

Both have a wide space under the foot instep between the heel and the main
sole tread where 25G/45G rungs spend a lot of time.  No slipping forward or

Both sets of boots work great on the tower and my feet have never been
bothered by the rungs.

I use the workboots because they are a bit slimmer than the hiking boots.

dale, kg5u

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