[TowerTalk] Getting old tubing apart

Joe - KC2TN kc2tn at comcast.net
Thu Mar 11 17:55:11 EST 2004

I used standard penetrating oil and a little heat. I also used a long piece
of smaller size tubing to reach in from the other end to catch the edge of
the stuck tube and tapped it out.

After 29 years in the air these were really stuck. Perseverance paid off and
I got them all apart.

Joe - KC2TN
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What lubricant did you use to get things apart?

Rex K1HI

After the usual, penetrating oil, etc...I had some success using a
bernzomatic torch and a hammer, tapping, to heat and break up the fuzed
oxides inside the frozen tubes....

73, de Pat AA6EG
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