[TowerTalk] preform for 3/16 guy wire

Phil - KB9CRY kb9cry at comcast.net
Mon Mar 15 07:24:56 EST 2004

If I may add my two cents.  I used all Big Grips on my recent tower, on 
both the Polygon FRP and EHS parts of the guys.  They are really sweet 
(to use a popular term).  They're real easy to install and make a very 
clean installation.  They're also maintenance free.  A question:  "What 
do you have to do annually to wire rope clamps?"   The answer is check 
them for tightness.  And I'd bet that most hams don't do that, 
especially those in the middle of the guy.  Also clamps will eventually 
need replacing.  The Big Grip joint is as strong or stronger than the 
material it is holding.  Finally someone said that they were not cheap.  
IMHO, wrong they are cheap.  Add up what it would cost for three all 
galvanized cable clamps plus add in a little amortized labor cost for 
your annual inspection, and they are really cheap.  I highly recommend 
them; once you've used them, you'll never use clamps again.  I guarantee 
that.  Purchase from Preformed needs to be in case lots of 25 each but 
one can buy them individually from Texas Towers.  You do need to buy the 
type for your exact application, wire type and diameter. 
Again, a very clean installation.  Phil  KB9CRY

Mike Gilmer wrote:

>Preformed Line Products makes these
>Search their pages for "grip" or the like - they have
>several varieties. Here's a few hits...
>Mike N2MG
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