[TowerTalk] M2 40M3L Tribander?

BobK8IA at aol.com BobK8IA at aol.com
Mon Mar 15 14:11:20 EST 2004

In a message dated 3/15/2004 11:33:22 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
n9mm at earthlink.net writes:

> A couple of weeks ago I installed a 40M3L and have been quite pleased with 
> its 40M performance on CW. One of the locals mentioned that he has the 2el 
> version and it loads on 15 and 17M, and sure enough, it does (using the 
> FT-1000D antenna tuner). It also seems to play. Does anyone have any experience with 
> this? Any guess what the performance is relative to a dipole?

Nope. But my 40M3L is 3-4 s units down on Rx from my SteppIR on 15m, that's 
8' above it. Thats enough to make me not want to bother with any more "tests". 

73,Bob K8IA
Mesa, Arizona USA
near the Superstition Mtns

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