[TowerTalk] New Tower Grounding Advice

Bill Austin billaustin at powernet.net
Sat Mar 20 00:01:04 EST 2004

I'm putting up a new 60ft self-supporting Trylon.  I'm wondering how 
much and what type of grounding needs to be done.  Any advice and 
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I bought three grounding kits with the tower, one for each leg.  I plan 
to tie the three rods together using some #4 solid copper.  I plan to 
tie the electrical grounds for each of the three buildings near the 
tower into this loop.  Each building has it's own breaker box and ground 
rod, and all three connect back to the same distribution panel.  I also 
have a lightning rod to go on top the tower, and plan to run a separate 
copper wire down the tower to the grounding loop at the bottom.

I've been reading the archives for some time now.  I was looking at 
Roger Halstead's site (linked in a recent post) and all the work he did 
with his towers.  I was just wondering what else I should plan on doing. 
  We have the rebar in, and I hope to be pouring concrete next Friday.

Thanks & 73,
Bill - KD7ZAH

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