[TowerTalk] Can Chrome-moly be galvanized? Should it?

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One caveat about galvanizing--I spray-painted my mast with rustoleum only to
find that it would not pass through my precision thrust bearing at the top.
I actually had to have the bearing turned out a few hundredths for the mast
to fit.  I assume most amateur thrust bearings are not such a precision
fit!!  73  saul  K2XA
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> Pete,
> I originally put up my chromoly mast in its raw condition. That was in
1998. It
> quickly rusted, but it did not make a mess. The rust did not drip and
stain the
> tower. However, when I upgraded the tower from 25G to 45G in the summer of
> 2003, I had the mast galvanized at that time. The only major issue was
> transporting the 24 foot mast from the burbs into the city where the hot
> plant is located. A minor issue was that the galvanizer called and told me
> they were having some trouble during the stripping stage - the rust was
> easy to get off. They had to go through that stage a couple of times.
> I was very pleased that I did get the mast galvanized. It is much cleaner
> installation and I don't get rust on my hands when I do work up there;
tape to
> hold feedlines in place sticks better. I definitely recommend you do it,
and do
> it before there is a chance for rust to build up. The quality of the
> galvanizing - inside and out will be better.
> One other thing - the galvanizer will need to hang the mast with hooks or
> wires. My galvanizer asked me to make some small holes in both ends of the
> for this purpose. Get out your hardest drill bit for this operation.
> the chromoly is tough. Also, be sure you tell them to do a good job of
> the excess galv drip out of the mast. You don't want pooling at the lower
> If it's on the outside, it can be a problem.
> 73,
> Jim K1IR
> >I'm embarked on this summer's antenna project, which will involve
> a 16-20 foot 2" chrome-moly mast for my present 10-foot Rohn galvanized
> one.
> I have been warned that bare chrome-moly will rust and make a mess. Would
> make sense either to have it galvanized or paint it with a POR-15-type
> before it goes up? The tower has a Rohn 25 pointy-top, so some degree of
> and tear on any coating seems inevitable, and maybe this is overkill. What
> you think?
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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