[TowerTalk] antenna questions

Gregg Seidl k9kl at direcway.com
Sun Mar 21 21:54:37 EST 2004

I have a question about stacking 6 meter beams and hf beams on a tower with
a "swinging gate" style mount.I would like to mount a 6 meter beam about 30
feet under my 6M-9KHW but because I don't have enough clearance because of
the guy wires I can't mount another 6M-9KHW.I would need to use something a
little smaller.First,can you do that?I wouldn't think they would need to be
the same but.....Is it a good idea to use Phillystran for the guys or is it
OK to just use non-resonant guy lengths?Second,I can't picture in my mind
how the spacing between elements of the 6m beam would have to be to have
enough clearance to turn around the tower.The tower is Rohn 45.I just can't
picture how it would need to be mounted to get the advertised 300 degrees
most makers say.I can see how it would work with no antenna
but......Third,has any one done what I want to do,if so what antenna did you
use.It would seem to me I would need to use a even numbered element beam so
as to have a gap by the boom to mast mount?I prefer M2 stuff but just
looking for ideas.Now on to a couple of hf stacking questions.I use an
A-3,its on the same tower as my 6m stuff.I know the A-3 isn't the best but
it works and is fairly cheap.I have another one in my barn that really wants
to be on the tower again.I can see why you can't use that antenna for a side
mount because of its element spacing.Has anyone tried to move the mounting
point back a foot or 2 to see if it would work??I can't see how that would
mess it up other then making the balance point off some.Maybe one could use
an overhead support to take some of weight off the boom?Finally,I saw both
Array Solution and Comtek make stacking boxes and I'm sure they are both
good,but one sure does cost a lot more then the other,can someone tell me
why?What would make one cost so much more then the other,different
style,components etc.Thanks for reading my long post.I'm trying to build my
station back up after a few years of low activity here.Gregg  K9KL  Green
Bay,WI Home of the Frozen Tundra

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