[TowerTalk] Re: Stati-Cat

John Sanders jsanders at llnet.net
Mon Mar 22 13:55:06 EST 2004

I'll just jump in long enough to say that about 15 years ago, I was an 
engineer at a broadcast facility in Eastern New Mexico and our FM tower took 
a LOT of lightning hits during T-storm season.  We had two stati-cats 
installed on the tower and the number of hits we took were reduced 
considerably.  There was some maintenance to it, as we were instructed to 
send someone up each year before T-storm season with files to re-sharpen each  
point on the stati-cats.

I won't try to explain how they worked because I'm not smart enough, but I 
will say that for whatever reason, the two years that I was at the company 
after we installed the things, our trips to the transmitter shack to repair 
lightning induced damages were greatly reduced.  Coincidence?  Maybe/Maybe 


-John, AD5BY

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