[TowerTalk] Steppir VS UV Light

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I suspect that this is one of those case where actually asking the
manufacturer might be useful.  

It'd also be useful to paint the antenna to make it less visually

73, doug

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   You want to turn a good antenna into a dummy load if painted with the wrong
   paint the color is put in the fiber glass when it's made called pigment
   coloring. Thats what protects fiberglass from UV check out the corvette it's
   all fiberglass.

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       Does anyone know if the fiberglass rods that Steppir uses for their
   antenna elements are specially treated to resist UV sunlight?  I looked at
   their website but could not find the answer.  Maybe it was there and I
   couldn't find it, maybe not.

       Whether they are aren't, would it hurt to paint them with a compound
   that helps fiberglass resist UV radiation?


	   Bernard, WA4OEJ

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