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G.E. Tucker gtucker at bostoneng.com
Tue Mar 23 15:27:31 EST 2004

Ham Radio Outlet ( http://www.hamradio.com/ ) sells Polyphaser products.
>From the front web page pick Polyphaser from the "Select by Manufacturer"
search, and you will get a complete listing of items.

73 George W5VU

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> Polyphaser sells a rotor cable protector for 8 wire rotor cable. That may
> work well for the Steppir (you may need more than one). It is rated 24VAC.
> That raises a question: where do you buy the Polyphaser stuff from? They
> not have a list of distributors on the web site, and they don't seem to
> sell direct either.
> 73,
> Didier KO4BB
> At 09:21 AM 3/23/2004 -0800, you wrote:
> >At 11:16 AM 3/23/2004 -0500, Bill Ogden wrote:
> >
> >>People seem pleased with their SteppIR antennas.  These comments have
> >>intermixed with the discussion about lightning protection.  This leads
> >>to ask about lightning and the SteppIRs.  The antenna contains
> >>on each element and there are 12 wires to the antenna (plus the coax).
> >>sensitive are these to lightning?  Should the wires (plus the rotator
> >>plus any other relay wires) all be run through a "lightning" protector
> >>before entering the house?
> >
> >
> >I can't speak to the sensitivity (or not) of the SteppIR stuff up on the
> >mast: I suspect that a direct hit would kill it.  What electronics are
> >actually up there?  If it's just a stepper motor, they're it's pretty
> >
> >I can say that you should definitely run all the wires through some form
> >transient protection.  There are low voltage terminal blocks (much like
> >those used for telephone wiring) that would be suitable.  For instance,
> >house has a pair of 4 pair (i.e. 8 wires) protection/demarcation points
> >(telco installed) for the incoming telephone lines.  When connecting up a
> >weather station (mfr by Davis) at a facility in New Mexico, we used a
> >similar device (sold by, but probably not actually manufactured by,
> >Davis).  Likewise, we used protection devices on a pole mounted video
> >camera on a Pelco pan/tilt mount.
> >
> >Probably, your goal is to keep the stuff inside from getting killed, not
> >necessarily to protect what's on the tower.
> >
> >Jim, W6RMK
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