[TowerTalk] Lightning resuscitation

Alan Beagley AB2OS at att.net
Tue Mar 23 23:24:41 EST 2004

But there are "Eastern Rite" Roman Catholics (owing allegiance to the 
Bishop of Rome). Although their form of worship is closer to that of the 
Russian Orthodox than to that of "Western Rite" Roman Catholics (the 
most common kind), they are not the same -- and each may even consider 
the other to be heretical (or at least schismatic).

Alan AB2OS

On 03/23/04 09:31 pm Richard Gillingham put fingers to keyboard and 
launched the following message into cyberspace:

> Eastern Rite...  AKA Russian Orthodox..  Do marry..

>>Forgive my ignorance Yuri, but I thought Catholic priests were not allowed
>>to marry.

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