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I've used a couple different types of anchors and they work very well.  I've
never seen a place with soil composition that allows one to screw in an
anchor.  Maybe if you have 6 feet of topsoil or sand, that would work.

I've used an anchor that had a multi-piece mechanism that looked like a
flower with petals retracted.  I dug a 6" diameter hole at the right angle,
maybe 5 feet deep, and inserted the thing in the hole.  You then set the
anchor by putting a pipe over the rod and driving the end piece that sits in
the bottom of the hole.  That causes the "flower" to open up and pulling on
the rod causes it to try to open further.  They carry pretty high pulling
force ratings and are commonly used on utility poles.  I bought mine from a
company that carries line hardware and think maybe the manufacturer of the
anchors was AB Chance.  Their website should have all the details.


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> You're kidding right?
> If you want it done right, 4" drill stem or  maybe I beam and 1.5 yards of
> cement....
> At 12:32 AM 3/24/2004, you wrote:
> >I'm planning on using earth anchors for 100 feet of Rohn 25.  The soil at
> >my place is pretty hard and somewhat rocky.  I'm thinking that regular
> >earth anchors (screw in type) are going to be difficult to install,
> >especially for one person.
> >
> >I've seen two other types:  duck-bill and something that looks like an
> >arrowhead.  Both are simply driven in using a long rod, and then the
> >attaching cable is pulled.  This "sets" the anchor.  Looks interesting.
> >
> >Anyone using these?  They have sizes that claim to have comparable pull
> >strengths (4000 - 6000 lbs.) to regular anchors.  Seems like an easier
> >to go..
> >
> >Thanks for any comments.
> >
> >Ken WK6F
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