[TowerTalk] Protect ant......painting anyone?

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Sounds like a good idea with the tape, let us know how it does.

Sometime back I remember reading a thread from somone that cleaned his
aluminum antenna and then applied water based exterior latex enamel house
paint. He said after after 10 years it needed sanding and touchup in a few
places but the alumimum was just like new underneath.   I
keep thinking about this idea.  We spend almost as much for our antennas as
a new rig in some cases.  I would rather do spot paint repairs as needed
periodically rather than replacing the antenna (and spend the money on
equipment)  The aluminum corrodes pretty badly, especially here at my QTH in
Calif.  I did a search thru past threads and haven't found any info yet.
Has anyone had any experience with painting antennas ?

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> One inexpensive way to provide a sacrificial UV layer to fiberglass and
> polymers is with a single layer of Scotch Super-33 tape. This stuff really
> holds up well to UV.
> I spiral-wrapped my VHF/UHF vertical, and the center splices of my Force
> C3 this way. They've been up 5 years now.
> That reminds me,  I'm due for an inspection climb this Spring. If I can
> reach it, I'll try removing a section of tape from the vertical and see
> the fiberglass is doing underneath.
> Anyone else tried this?
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