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You did not say if you are going to guy the tower to the building

If not, you are going to need a very large roof area for the
non-penetrating base -plus hundreds of pounds of sand bags and cinder
blocks.  You also need to check the maximum loading per square foot for
the roof too. 

To be more practical, I would consider a shorter, 10 feet tower or
tripod, with only half the wind loading. 

Carl, NW8Z

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My Radio club is moving to a new building. We would like to put up a
45, 20FT. tower on the roof. We need the tower to hold 10-12 square feet
load. We cannot drill any holes in the roof. We need some kind of flat
The tower will be located next to a 6FT cinder block wall which we can
too. We are looking for any kind of engineering plans or information you
have. Please e-mail me direct w2npt at arrl.net Thanks to all.


See: http://www.mscomputer.com  for "Self Supporting Towers", "Wireless
Weather Stations", and lot's more.  Call Toll Free, 1-800-333-9041 with
any questions and ask for Sherman, W2FLA.

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