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Steve Katz stevek at jmr.com
Thu Mar 25 11:10:39 EST 2004

Maybe someone has tried that and succeeded, but I haven't heard or read
about it.

However, locally several individuals pressed the OTARD rule as hard as they
could and the general results were worded something like this (for the L.A.

"We allow DBS (18") satellite dishes outdoors, facing south-southeast and
aimed approximately 25 degrees above horizon.  If you elect to receive
off-the-air signals directly broadcast not via satellite, you may do so
using a suitable indoor antenna, the existing homeowners Community Antenna
(if one exists), or an approved outdoor antenna not measuring greater than
72" x 100" (length by width), aimed towards Mount Wilson."

Thus, effectively denying anything that doesn't look and measure like a TV
antenna, or an 18" dish.  And completely in accordance with OTARD rules.

If others, in different areas, have other information, I'd like to hear
about it, as I'm compiling a national survey of sorts on this very subject.


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Hasn't OTARD voided the blanket prohbition of outdoor antennas, 
permitting small dishes and TV antennas?  Has anyone tried to call a 
small tribander, usch as a F12 C3 a TV antenna to get it by the 
Barry W2UP

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